On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students, I welcome you to the School of Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation (SEBI). At SEBI, we believe that our students should be fully rounded individuals, capable of making significant contributions to the global society. SEBI’s philosophy is built around developing students with high standards of Professionalism, Academics, Character, Engagement, and Superiority (PACES). In SEBI, our core values of caring for students beyond their academics, and developing well-rounded individuals with strong ethical values, who are capable of addressing the needs of our country and the region are the driving forces. SEBI is committed to developing thoughtful leaders in all segments of society.

At SEBI, we offer an array of programs including short courses, diplomas, bachelors, and, in the future, masters’ degrees. These offerings are driven by what we, in consultation with our stakeholders, consider to be the current and future needs of Guyana and the region. The curricula are rigorous, relevant, and geared towards the future. Extensive use is made of technology and relationships built around the world to ensure that we provide you with a rewarding and superior academic journey through instruction, study-abroad experiences, and internships. These relationships will expose you to innovative and cutting-edge experiences.

It is my firm belief that SEBI students will enjoy a unique experience, one that is filled with access to individuals dedicated to their happiness and success. At SEBI, we are committed to helping our students become innovative and think entrepreneurially, in an environment where creativity and innovative thinking can flourish. SEBI will develop its students to be driven by their inquisitiveness, constantly seeking information, looking for problems to solve, creating opportunities for themselves and others, and most importantly, helping to build their communities through service and commitment. Our students will acquire an advanced set of business skills based on a strong liberal arts foundation which enables them to be adaptable to different settings, domestic and global.

Again, it is indeed an honor to have you as part of the SEBI community. We look forward to providing you with an experience that is unique, thought-provoking, and designed to provide you with access to high quality programs and services that will enhance your academic, intellectual, and moral growth. We are committed to assisting in your development and preparation for a rewarding and successful career in your chosen field. For us, it is a commitment to molding leaders of industry, who can put their entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to promote a better local, regional, and global community.

Prof. Leyland Lucas
Dean, School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation