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Academic Advisor Q & A

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Orientation for Continuing Students

Orientation for Returning Students



SEBI is the University of Guyana. It is the business arm of the institute that focuses on the building of entrepreneurs and business innovation

SEBI means School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

The academic advisor can help guide students to the most suitable choice of the available options for students in need of financial assistance.

Students should meet with their academic advisor before quitting school. Many students are unaware of all their options and could benefit from resetting future academic goals.

Students are strongly encouraged to discuss any issues that may be affecting their academic performance. All information shared with an academic advisor is confidential. Honest discussions empower the advisor to offer the most useful advice.

An academic advisor can assist struggling students in many ways, but the nature of assistance depends on the source of the conflict. For instance, many may need help with time management to remain on track with their classes. Meeting with an advisor can help students personalize a study schedule.

Students are accepted based on programs. If the program is full, then students will be accepted into their second chosen program. This allows adequate space for students to register for classes they need to take.

Meeting with an academic advisor is essential prior to enrollment and during the course of study. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss current classes and plan their future pathway.

Students are encouraged to confirm the exact course of study by meeting with their academic advisor because current programs are routinely updated and new ones become available.

Academic advisors are available on campus for walk-in appointments Monday to Friday, as well as by email. Advisor Karran can be emailed at: