Hello, students. WELCOME to the School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation (SEBI).

To those of you who are returning, let me say how happy we all are to have you back with us to continue your journey of academic development and professional improvement. To those of you who are now starting the journey, let me say welcome to a wonderful new experience.

To all of you, your entry or return to SEBI occurs at an interesting time in this country’s development. The confluences of political uncertainty, COVID-19, the discovery and production of oil, and the overall global economic landscape have all combined to create a great deal of uncertainty as well as new opportunities for development. COVID-19 requires particular attention. It is not simply an illness, but one that has wreaked havoc on our societies. It has brought untold suffering to families and communities, with significant economic, social, and psychological consequences. As several articles on this disease’s impact have noted, while significant attention has been paid to the economic consequences of the disease, not enough attention has been paid to its social and psychological effects. Some have observed a strengthening of marriages and long-term relationships, while others have pointed to such devastating effects as increased rates of abuse, suicide, and mental health problems.

On the economic side, traditional employment continues to be hampered by global uncertainty. Yet, we have also seen new business opportunities emerging. For example, home schooling has become a new approach to education; virtual learning has become the order of the day; delivery services have grown in importance; and new technologies are coming of age. In essence, out of chaos we see a new economic and social order emerging.

At SEBI, we believe that our students should be fully rounded individuals who are capable of making significant contributions to the global society. Our philosophy is built around developing students with high standards of Professionalism, Academics, Character, Engagement, and Superiority (PACES). We are committed to ensuring that not only the academic performance of our students matter, but also supporting their development into well-rounded individuals with strong ethical values. By so doing, we strive to develop individuals who are able to address the needs of Guyana, the Caribbean, and the global community. SEBI is committed to developing thoughtful leaders with capabilities and competencies to serve the global community.

At SEBI, we offer an array of programmes including diplomas and bachelor’s degrees. In the near future, we intend to add several short courses and master’s degrees. SEBI’s offerings reflect what we, in consultation with our stakeholders, consider to be the current and future needs of Guyana and the region. The curricula are rigorous, relevant, and geared towards the future. Extensive use is made of technology and relationships built around the world to ensure that we provide you with a rewarding and superior academic journey through instruction and internships.

It is our firm belief that you will enjoy a unique experience at SEBI, one that provides access to individuals dedicated to your happiness and professional success. At SEBI, we are committed to helping our students become innovative and think entrepreneurially in an environment where creativity and innovative thinking can flourish. SEBI will develop its students to be driven by their inquisitiveness, constantly seeking information, looking for problems to solve, creating opportunities for themselves and others, and, most importantly, helping to build their communities through service and commitment. Our students will acquire an advanced set of business skills based on a strong liberal arts foundation which enables them to be adaptable to different settings at the domestic and global levels.

In keeping with the commitment of our Vice Chancellor, Professor Paloma Mohamed Martin, to safeguarding the welfare of our students, faculty and staff, significant use will be made of technology. Consequently, it is important to note that ALL our classes will be offered online, for at least the next semester. This we know, for many, will offer different kinds of challenges including network accessibility. We will do everything to ensure that learning occurs in a student friendly environment, where we are cognizant of your challenges and the need to make your experiences pleasant and rewarding.

As you prepare for the coming academic year, we ask that you make extensive use of our support services. SEBI’s Academic Advisors are here to guide you through the processes of course selection and enrolment. We ask that NO STUDENT register for classes without first consulting with one of the Academic Advisors. They are here to help you in every way possible.

SEBI continues to adopt a student-centred approach to the instruction and learning processes. We continue to identify ways of reducing the student: faculty ratio, to enhance the learning experience. As in the past, each class will have sections both in the day, evening, and on Saturdays. We ask that you register for a specific section of a course and stay within that section. Moving between sections creates challenges for faculty and staff which may affect our ability to track your performances.

Again, we at SEBI are honoured to have you as part of our community. We welcome the opportunity to begin or continue providing you with an experience that is unique and thought-provoking. Our high quality programmes and services will enhance your academic, intellectual, and moral growth as you prepare for a rewarding and successful career in your chosen field. For us, it is a commitment to moulding leaders of industry, who can put their entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to promote a better local, regional, and global community.

Prof. Leyland Lucas
Dean, School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation